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Can I be deported for a DUI?

DUI and Deportation

Being a permanent resident in the United States has to make you aware of the fact that you are expected to be on your best behavior. But, what happens if you are driving while intoxicated? This depends on the damages that may be caused if there’s an incident. Usually misdemeanors do not proceed for a removal of a green card, but in some cases when DUI’s involved a drug related offense can lead to a deportation 

Are you or one of your family members facing DUI charges? 

If it’s a first offense case, you have no criminal record, and no person came out injured or killed then it is most likely for you to not face any removal proceedings, but if you have some criminal record then the future of your stay in the United States is at stake leading to deportation. 

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Criminal Charges & Immigration Status

Everyday foreign nationals immigrate to America for better life opportunities, but if the U.S. immigration laws are violated you can be removed from the country or deported. There are some crimes listed under the “Immigration and Nationality Actthat are addressed as deportation.

Crimes that involve physical violence like sexual assault, DUI assault, or any drug related crimes can lead to a deportation.

These are a few crimes out of many more that are considered deportable offenses. If you are facing some related problems with deportation, talk to one of our criminal defense attorneys. We have very skilled lawyers with deportation defense and immigration laws that are in the best position to help you.